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What is Cervical Cryotherapy and in what cases is Cervical Cryotherapy used?

Cryotherapy is a treatment indicated to eliminate certain superficial skin lesions. It is a method that is used to freeze tissue with the aim of destroying it.

When there are injuries to the cervix caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Cervical Cryotherapy is used to remove or destroy affected tissue through the direct application of cold with liquid nitrogen.

The realization of the Cryotherapy can be carried out in the Specialist’s officedoes not require any prior preparation and local anesthesia is applied.

Advice before undergoing Cervical Cryotherapy

Although no specific preparation is needed before Cryotherapy, unless your doctor indicates it, it is recommended Please come with comfortable underwear, a pair of sanitary pads and if you eat, preferably a couple of hours before your appointment.. It is also important to attend accompanied, although it is not a procedure that represents a high risk, it deserves emotional support.

How it is performed?

Once the appointment has started, the patient must lie down on the table so that the Gynecology specialist can expose the cervix using a vaginal speculum and once the lesion is located using a Colposcopylocal anesthesia is applied and the tip of the Cryotherapy gun is placed on the cervix, avoiding contact with the vaginal walls at all costs. Cryotherapy will be applied for three minutes on each lesion and after a five-minute pause the procedure is repeated.

Is Cryotherapy treatment painful?

During the process you may experience pain and a sensation of heat throughout the body. To relieve yourself you can take general-use pain relievers that the Specialist will prescribe.

After Cryotherapy

After the procedure, it is normal to have watery discharge during the first weeks. This is caused by the shedding of dead cervical tissue. To avoid complications, it is recommended to avoid swimming in the sea or pools and soaking in tubs. Hygiene should also be practiced daily, without douching, not using tampons and abstaining from sexual relations for four weeks afterward. which is how long it takes for the cervix to heal.

In case of presenting Fever, vaginal bleeding, severe Pelvic Pain, foul odor or yellow vaginal discharge, you should see your doctor immediately.since these are warning symptoms that may indicate an infection or major problem.

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