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What is hypnobirthing: the preparation for giving birth that Cristina Pedroche recommends

Motherhood is full of myths and demands, so it is important to handle as much information as possible. For this, there are essential books, as well as many preparatory courses, both for pregnancy and childbirth.

Recently Cristina Pedrochewho is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, has been talking about her childbirth preparation courses. The presenter explained in zapping the following: “I get up super early” to go to two different courses, above all, “to contrast”. Specifically, it tells all women who are pregnant that “recommends hypnobirthing. “I’m on top of my game.”

What is hypnobirthing?

The ‘Natalben’ web platform explains that hypnobirthing is a technical set which have as their objective reduce fear of childbirth bringing the pregnant woman to a state of deep relaxation. “A relaxation that is capable of transforming the negative emotions of childbirth into an experience positive, reducing pain and shortening the process.”

Not only Cristina Pedroche has considered hypnobirthing, but other celebrities have previously used it, such as Angelina Jolie or Kate Middleton, among others. In any case, the presenter does not rule out using an epidural. She herself specified that “advances in medicine are for something“.

Currently, there is a hypnobirthing course taught by Positive Birth (@positive birth) a service created by Carmen Morenotrained in perinatal psychology, yoga instructor for pregnancy and postpartum and specialized in hypnobirthing.

They themselves explain the following: “We are at the service of mothers, babies and families. We accompany you with hypnobirthing (and much more) so that transform your limiting fears, have information and resources To have the best pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, own your process by making your decisions.

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