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What is Lipograft and what is the application process like?

Currently it is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments to treat the signs of aging, reduce scars caused by Acne and firm the contour of the face.

Lipograft or transfer of own fat to increase body volume, was developed at the beginning of the 20th century in order to reconstruct areas of the body that have suffered atrophy, trauma or deforming disease.

Currently it is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments for treat signs of agingbecause it is performed as a minimally invasive intervention, which guarantees a almost invisible healing and reduced postoperative recovery times. It is a technique that, in colloquial words, removes where there is excess and adds where it is missing.

Fat grafts are reliably used to restore volume, remove scars from Acnedeep folds, hollows in the face, firm and Improve the contour of the face or any other part of the body with a very natural result.

Lipograft Process

To carry out the Lipograft, the patient’s own fat is used and three steps are required. In it First a Liposuction is performed smooth excess fat located in the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. He second step consists of processing and cleaning of the fat cells so that finally are transplanted through an injection in areas where you want to increase volume such as lips or cheeks.

After the intervention, The results show immediately and last for many years, since the cells integrate into the living tissue that surrounds them. Although it also depends on the area in which the cells are injected, that is, if the fat transfer is performed in areas of low mobility, it is more likely to be longer lasting.

Minimum risk

With augmentation or modeling Plastic Surgery, there is a risk that the body will reject the graft or Prosthesis. In this case, the Lipograft It gives patients zero risk of negative reaction or allergy as their own fat is the grafted element, and it is almost completely certain that it will be well received by the body.

Patients suitable for Lipograft

Patients suitable for this type of aesthetic treatment are those who have excess fat. Unfortunately, Thin patients do not have enough deposits of this to be transferred to their own body. If Lipoinjero is intended to reshape the breasts, the ideal is for the patient to have the skin in this area distended and not too tight so that the fat is distributed correctly.

In any case, anyone who wishes to undergo this procedure must have a prior medical evaluation and follow their recommendations before and after carrying out the Lipograft.

Lipograft Care

In the words of Dr. Martha Liliana Morales, specialist in Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery, care after the procedure “does not generate major disability, You may experience some bruising or mild swelling that goes away after a couple of days. and no specific care is required, except to avoid dieting or cardiovascular exercise, since fat behaves the same throughout the body and if the patient loses weight, part of the graft is lost,” he comments.