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What is Maxillary Orthopedics and what is it for?

It is recommended that surveillance be from babies and treatment be from an age where the child can help and collaborate, approximately 6 years.

How do you know if a minor needs Maxillary Orthopedics treatment?

The Maxillary Orthopedics It is a treatment that is organized for redirect, stimulate or redirect the growth of the jaws and mandible. It can be used from a very early age, and the functions of children as a form of breatheas speakspositions the head, so that growth and development is balanced.

Therefore, it is recommended that monitoring is from babies and treatment is from an age where the child can help and collaborate.

Advantages of timely treatment

  • With early treatment they will help prevent malocclusions that in the future the only treatment would be possible tooth extraction
  • By performing early treatments we can help the growth give us facial aesthetic results from an early age
  • Treatments can be avoided Orthodontics or as they are corrected early, if they needed the functions they would be very organized in such a way that it would be stable in the future and with little time
  • Children are more collaborative, which makes the treatment progress easier
  • The Maxillary Orthopedics It leads to the part of basic functions being guided and oriented, therefore, by having a child with balanced functions, this leads to the patient having better oral health.

What type of anomalies can be avoided?

  • Children who have excessive growth of the jaw (belfo)
  • Children who have less growth of the upper jaw
  • Children who have reduced mandibular growth
  • Problems of Apnea In children
  • Oral respiratory problems
  • Very narrow arches (crowding)
  • Crossbites (anterior and posterior)
  • deep bites
  • open bites