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What is Smile Design and what are its benefits?

Smile Design allows the patient to regain confidence, influences body posture and additionally raises the person’s self-esteem.

Smile Design is a concept of Aesthetic Dentistry that seeks to improve the appearance of the teeth to achieve greater facial harmony with the dental set, gums and lips.

Smile Design is performed based on an analysis of dental proportions and shapes that will determine if treatments are required of Dental Veneers, Teeth whitening, OrthodonticsGum Trimming, among others, with the aim of achieving the expected aesthetic results.

All patients are candidates for Smile Design. But before performing any aesthetic treatment, it is necessary that the patient be oral healthy, free of cavities, infections or gingival inflammations and with correct dental function. The initial assessment is essential to offer the patient a diagnosis and treatment plan that is appropriate for them.

Smile Design is performed on patients with stained or discolored teeth, when there are separations between the teeth or changes in dental alignment, dental wear, small teeth or teeth with asymmetrical shapes and missing teeth.

Digital Smile Design is the most current technique to perform this procedure, which consists of using dental software to design the shape, size and proportion of teethand thus subsequently, perform the definitive restorations on the patient, being as conservative as possible with the dental tissue.

Another innovative element is that you can make a smile donation, which means that, if the patient wants to have teeth similar to those of a family member or acquaintance, a scan of the teeth of the person called the smile donor can be performed so that similar teeth are placed in the patient’s design.

In addition, you have the option of using an old photograph of the patient to restore the smile they had during their youth. Virtual 3D digital practice offers endless possibilities for Smile Design.

It should be noted that the digital program is also used to make guides that guarantee the precision of other procedures such as gum surgery, implant placement, dental movements with Orthodonticsamong others.

Having this technology available for Dentistry improves the prognosis of the treatments performedincreases patient satisfaction by obtaining the desired results, improves precision in performing any type of treatment and reduces in-office care time.

There are many benefits that are obtained when performing a Smile Design. When teeth are worn or lost, our chewing function is reduced, which interferes with proper digestion of food. Smile Design allows the patient to regain confidence, influences body posture and additionally raises the person’s self-esteem.

After any dental treatment It is necessary to carry out periodic checks every 6 monthsIf you experience discomfort, pain or inconvenience with your Smile Design, you should immediately go to your Dentist.

Having a smile with which we feel satisfied projects security and confidence in all aspects of our life, improves our mood and It provides us with health and well-being.