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What is the God of the Masons?

The Freemasons are a secret society that has aroused the curiosity of many. Among their beliefs, the worship of a supreme being, known as the “Great Architect of the Universe,” stands out. Discover more about the god of the Freemasons.

What do Freemasons do in their meetings?

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What is the name of the book of the Freemasons?

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What does a triangle with an Eye in the center mean?

The Eye of Providence is a symbol found in the book of emblems called Iconology, first published in 1593. In later editions, it was included as an attribute of the personification of Divine Providence, representing the benevolence of God and his compassionate vigilance over humanity. Although it is not known who originally invented it, it is believed that it was based on previously existing religious motifs. The triangle, for example, has long been a symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity, and the rays of light emanating from the symbol are a pre-existing sign of God’s radiance in Christian iconography.

What does the symbol of a circle with a dot in the middle mean?

The ensō is a basic geometric shape in Japanese writing that symbolizes Totality and the manifestation of Being. It has neither beginning nor end, thus representing constant becoming and eternal return. It also symbolizes the overcoming of dualism and represents the celestial vault as opposed to the square that represents the earth. The ensō is an image of the universe and the movement of the stars, and is used in sacred rituals such as the Sun Dance of the American Indians. Furthermore, it represents the primordial void and the origin of all manifestation. In astrology, the ensō is the sign of the sun.

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What is the name of the Masonic church?

It is estimated that there are approximately six million people who are part of Freemasonry worldwide. These individuals meet in a place called a lodge, which is similar to a temple. The term lodge comes from the practice of ancient stonemasons, who met in these spaces while working on the construction of churches and cathedrals. During these meetings, Freemasons use Masonic aprons or aprons, which have their origin in the need to protect themselves during the stone cutting process. Before becoming a full-fledged Mason, it is necessary to go through the third degree, which involves a ceremony in which a thorough interrogation is carried out. From this ceremony comes the expression “subjecting someone to the third degree.” Some well-known personalities who have been Freemasons include former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, as well as writers Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.

What is the sacred word of the Masons?

The Virtual Museum of the History of Freemasonry is a place where different aspects related to Freemasonry are explored. One of the important themes in the Judeo-Christian tradition is the loss of something that must be found. This is reflected in stories such as the Fall of Adam and Eve, the Tower of Babel, and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. In Jewish tradition, God’s true name, Shem ha Mephorash, is so hidden that no one knows how it is written or pronounced. Only the high priest of Jerusalem knew this name and passed it on to his successor. However, at some point, the transmission of this secret was interrupted and no one knew what God’s true name was. Freemasonry refers to this topic as the search for the lost Word, that is, the name of God. Several Masonic degrees are based on this theme and offer a rediscovered word or substitute name. During the rite of elevation to mastery, a Hebrew phrase that alluded to the sacred word of the degree was communicated to the recipient. Over time, ignorance of the Hebrew language deformed this sacred word into other phonetically similar ones. The sacred word is actually a question that means “What or who is the Builder?” This question is asked upon reaching the threshold of the last chamber of Solomon’s temple, symbolizing the interior of the soul where the Presence of God resides. The answer to this question is another substitute word, YHVH. Furthermore, during the process of regeneration or resurrection of Hiram Abí’s corpse, different rituals were performed and an Acacia twig was given as a symbol of the mystes. This ritual process is inspired by the Judeo-Christian tradition and seeks to recover the Edenic state that the friends of God enjoyed.

What do Masons use?

When speculative Freemasonry emerged in the 17th century, it adopted the stonemason’s tools as symbols to convey life lessons. The symbols used in current Freemasonry remain faithful to the work tools of the stonemasons.

Below are some of the best-known Masonic symbols:

– Apron: Known as the distinctive insignia of a Freemason, the apron is the most recognizable element of his attire. Freemasons wear it in the lodge and at certain public events. This tradition dates back to the days when stonemasons wore protective aprons while working.

– Square and compass: The Masonic square and compass are probably the most common symbols in Freemasonry, used to represent Freemasons and Masonic lodges around the world. Ancient stonemasons used these tools to create 90-degree angles and test the precision of their stones. In speculative Freemasonry, the square is an emblem of morality, while the compass represents the relationship between the individual and society.

– Letter G: The letter G is often found in the center of the square and compass symbol. It represents geometry, the basis of masonry and symbolically of modern Freemasonry.

– Plumb and level: In masonry, the plumb and level are used to ensure that surfaces are level vertically and horizontally. For Freemasons, the plumb line is a symbol of justice and righteousness, and the level is a reminder that all men are equal. You may have heard the phrase “Meet at the level and part at the plaza,” which comes from this symbol.

– Trowel: One of the most important tools of a bricklayer is the trowel, which is used to spread the mortar that joins the stones. In Freemasonry, the trowel is used to spread the “cement” of brotherly love and unite a society of friends.

– Raw and perfect ashlars: The ashlars are two stone cubes placed near the master in the lodge. One is rough, straight from the quarry, and the other is smooth and ready to build. The rough ashlar represents man in his primitive form, while the perfect ashlar represents the man who, through the teachings of Freemasonry, has become more polished. Although we never became a perfect ashlar, we worked to achieve it.

– Columns: Each Masonic lodge has representations of two pillars, replicas of the columns that flanked the entrance to King Solomon’s temple. These pillars are said to represent strength and establishment.

– Spiral staircase: The spiral staircase is another symbol inspired by the temple of King Solomon, referring to the steps that lead from the entrance to the central chamber of the temple. It is an allegory of a member’s progress from entry as an Apprentice to becoming a Craft Fellow.

Other Masonic symbols include the beehive, the acacia tree, Euclid’s 47th Problem, the Ark of the Covenant, the anchor, the towline, the sheaf of corn, the gavel, and the shining star.


The sacred word of the Freemasons is “Abiff”. Freemasonry is a fraternal and philanthropic society that seeks the moral and spiritual perfection of its members. At their meetings, Freemasons perform rituals and symbolic ceremonies. The book of the Freemasons is called “The Bible.” The church of the Freemasons does not have a specific name, since Freemasons can belong to different religions. A triangle with an eye in the center is known as the “Eye of Providence” and symbolizes divine vigilance. The symbol of a circle with a dot in the middle represents perfection and unity. Freemasons wear aprons and other symbols in their ceremonies.

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