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What is the name of the Simpsons cat?

The Simpsons’ cat is called Snowball II. He is a recurring character in the television series and is the Simpson family pet.

What is the name of the Simpsons cat?

Snowball V is the fifth and current feline member of the Simpson family. He is an exact replica of Snowball II.

What do they call Bob Patiño in Spain?

Robert “Bob” Underdunk Terwilliger Jr, also known as Sideshow Bob, is a supporting character in the animated series The Simpsons. He is a recurring antagonist and his first appearance was in the episode “The Telltale Head”. Bob is a male man and has several relatives, including his wife Francesca Terwilliger, his son Gino Terwilliger, his brother Cecil Terwilliger, his father Robert Terwilliger Sr, his mother Dame Judith Underdunk, his ex-wife Selma Bouvier and his nephew Neil Terwilliger . The character’s name is inspired by the character Dr. Terwilliker from the movie “The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T.”

What is the name of Tom and Jerry’s dog?

Spike is a gray Bulldog dog that appears in several episodes of Tom and Jerry. He appears to be Jerry’s friend and Tom’s rival. Spike has a son named Tyke. Spike has a great hatred towards Tom, since in the episodes in which he appears, Tom always chases Jerry around him, but ends up hitting Spike or Tyke on a bad day. Spike always tells Tom not to do certain things, like getting Tyke dirty. Jerry does everything he can to get Tom into trouble, such as getting Tyke as dirty as possible or stealing Spike’s bone and giving it to Tom.

Where is the town of The Simpsons?

Fox Corporation recently found the real location of the famous Simpsons house on Google Maps. This news has amazed the many fans of the series, since until now it was unknown if the house was still standing. It is surprising to see the incredible similarities that this construction has with Homer’s house and his family. Will you be able to find the seven differences?

In the animated version, the yellow family lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield. However, in the real world, the residence is located at 712 Red Bark Ln in Henderson, Nevada. And it is not a mere coincidence, since in 1997, the production of the popular television show decided to build an exact replica and raffle it off among The Simpsons fans. The project’s architects were Michael Woodley and Manny Gonzalez, and the winner was a woman named Barbara Howard.

What are Bart’s children’s names?

Bart Simpson, one of the most iconic characters in the television series The Simpsons, has a family that is fundamental to the program. In addition to his sister Lisa, his parents Homer and Marge, and his grandfather Abe, there are other family members who also play an important role in the plot.

Did you know that Bart has two children? Their names are Jenda and Bartie, and they make their first appearance in the episode “Bart Has Two Moms.” Jenda is Bart’s eldest daughter and his ex-girlfriend Jenda. She is a rebellious and somewhat unpleasant teenager, who has grown up in a complicated environment. On the other hand, Bartie is Bart’s youngest son and his current partner, Darcy. He is a very active and curious child, who seems to have a great connection with his father.

Although Bart’s children do not appear frequently in the series, whenever they do they bring originality and freshness to the plots. Do you dare to watch some episodes in which they appear?

How old is Homer Simpson?

Homer Simpson, according to his driver’s license, was born on May 12, 1956, which means that in 2023 he will be 67 years old. Although they do not age in The Simpsons canon, Homer still maintains his 33 years with pride, showing off his bald head and belly. On the other hand, Bart is still 10 years old and Lisa is 8. Homer’s driver’s license was shown in the episode “The Duffless Promise”, originally broadcast on February 18, 1993, belonging to the fourth season. In this episode, Homer is arrested for driving drunk and you can see his license with his date of birth. In addition, it is specified that Homer has blue eyes and that he lives with his family at number 742 Avenida Siempreviva Evergreen Terrace. Although The Simpsons adapt to current times, if Homer were 33 years old today as at the beginning of the series, he would have been born in 1990. On one occasion, Homer Simpson meets Cosme So-and-So at the exit of Moe’s tavern.

What is the name of Bart’s elephant?

While everyone in the family is busy cleaning the house, Bart receives a call from a radio show offering him the option of winning $10,000 or an elephant. Without thinking twice, Bart chooses the elephant, which he names Stampy, and instantly falls in love with it. However, having Stampy as a pet turns out to be a big financial problem for the Simpsons, since he is not a conventional pet and requires exorbitant expenses and a lot of time to care for. Homer tries to make money off the elephant, but his attempts fail, so he decides to sell it. An ivory dealer named Mr. Blackheart shows interest in Stampy and offers a more tempting sum of money for the animal.

When Bart finds out that Stampy has been sold, he decides to run away from home with his beloved pet. The Simpson family notices him missing and embarks on a desperate search until they are finally found in a museum exhibit. Inadvertently, Homer falls into a tar pit and it is Stampy who saves him. Grateful for the heroic act, Homer decides to take Stampy to an animal shelter, even though he will not make any profit from it.

What breed was the dog from The Simpsons?

On October 1, 2016, it was revealed that The Simpsons’ dog, Santa’s Little Helper, is adopted. This popular television family has entertained millions of people over the years with their fun adventures. In addition to the main members of the yellow family, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, they have one more member that cannot be overlooked: their dog Santa’s Little Helper. Santa’s Little Helper, a greyhound, was adopted by the Simpson family and brought to their home, providing him with food and love. The flirtatious Santa’s Little Helper is also known as Bones, an affectionate nickname Bart gave him. Before being adopted, Bones was exploited in dog races and was punished if he didn’t win. One day, Homer and Bart witnessed Bones being abandoned after losing a race and Bart begged his father to take him home. This Simpsons story reflects the reality of many animals that are exploited or abandoned, but also highlights the importance of adoption and love for animals.


Bart’s elephant is named Stampy. Bart’s children are called Bart Jr. and Lisa Jr. The Simpsons dog is a mixed breed. In Spain, Bob Patiño is called SpongeBob. Homer Simpson’s age is unknown. Tom and Jerry’s dog is called Spike. The Simpsons’ town is called Springfield.

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