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What to do to attract luck at the end of the year?

Every year-end we all put our hopes in the same goal: May the new year start on the right foot. Beyond the fact that the new year can bring us better luck, money, love, health or fortune; What is clear is that with this year-end closure another stage of new opportunities opensof challenges, challenges and a long list of purposes to fulfill.

And what better way to start 2023 than by uniting the tradition of the twelve grapes with some of the typical end-of-year rituals? And no, this time we are not just talking about wearing red underwear all night or putting the classic gold ring in the champagne glass… below we detail some rituals with which you can attract luck this end of the year. Take note.

What to do to attract luck at the end of the year?

  • Make a wish for every grape you eat: a classic of classics that could not be missing from this list. To do it you will have to eat a grape for each chime and with each one think of a wish.

    The grape is a fruit associated with good luck, optimism and positivity, hence with them you will attract fortune and the wishes you make at the beginning of the year. If you don’t like grapes, you can replace them with olives, popcorn, jelly beans… Don’t hesitate to adapt this ritual to your taste.

  • Start the year on the right foot: one of those well-known rituals to enter the new year in the best way and attracting good luck, is to start the year literally “on the right foot.” To do this, when you usher in the new year, place your right foot directly on the ground.

  • Open the windows: We know that these are not dates to leave the windows open, but rather to cover yourself well with the blanket next to the fireplace, but this ritual will help you eliminate bad energies and attract positive ones. To do this you will have to keep the window open during dinner (it is not necessary to open it completely).

  • The suitcases next to the door: If you are a traveler, putting your suitcases near the door is another of those rituals that you can do at the end of the year. In this way you will attract travel and adventures.

  • sweep out: Another ritual very similar to opening the windows is to sweep outwards and specifically in the direction of the door. The objective of this ritual is for everything bad to go away from home so that you can start the year with the best feelings and with the cleanest house.

  • burn the bad: It is equally important to welcome the new year, as it is to say goodbye to everything bad that has happened in 2022. So if you have a fireplace, take the opportunity to write down on a piece of paper the bad things that have happened to you and then burn them in the fire (with caution because of course) when the end of the year bells ring. With this ritual, you will be welcoming good luck.

  • Use candles: Candles are one of those essential decorations at any Christmas dinner and especially at the end of the year. Use them to decorate tables, fireplaces and any corner of the house.

    If what you want is abundance for the next year, then opt for yellow candles. If you are looking for peace, blue candles, red if you are looking for love and passion, green if you ask for health, white to attract clarity and orange if you want to attract intelligence.

  • On the last day of the year eat lentils: In these end-of-year rituals there is also room for gastronomy and specifically for lentils. And, according to an Italian tradition from the Middle Ages, eating lentils on December 31 is a tradition very similar to that of grapes in Spain.

    At that time in Italy there was a surplus of this legume and it became one of those typical Christmas dishes. In the past, a small bag of lentils was also given to friends and family to wish them fortune.

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