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What to do with Wisdom Teeth?

The open method of extraction of wisdom teeth, third molars or wisdom teeth consists of making an incision on the gum or lifting a flap.

Subsequently, an Osteotomy is performed, which consists of the partial removal of a segment of bone.. With this, the maxillofacial surgeon accesses the third molar to dissect it into 1 or several pieces with a technique known as Odontosection.

Confirmatory x-ray

After the Specialist completely extracts the Wisdom teethmake a Bone scan confirmation with a technique known as Radiovisiograph, which allows you to verify that the cavity has been completely empty. Subsequently, it is washed with physiological saline, the gum is repositioned and sutures are taken.

Postoperative care

The care that a patient should take after undergoing bone removal surgery Wisdom teeth or before any surgery are very important. It is necessary for the doctor to explain to the patient, both physically and verbally, each of the postoperative care that the patient must carry out.

One of the main indications is that the patient rest completely during the first 2 days so that the tissues heal better..

Other important indications

The postoperative process of removing the Wisdom teeth It must be accompanied with cold therapy, the first 48 hours; and then continue with moist heat therapy, i.e. with placing warm water cloths on the cheeks to relieve the entire inflammatory process.

It is important to mention that the patient must have excellent oral hygiene to prevent these foods from causing any type of infection after the surgical procedure in the mouth.

The patient should also not sunbathe or calm down and, preferably, should sleep with several pillows to remain semi-sitting.

What is the postoperative care after Wisdom Extraction?

  • Maintain complete rest for two days following surgery and eight days of relative rest; you can walk without excessive physical exercise.
  • Sleep the first night after surgery with the head semi-raised
  • Place local ice in the first 48 hours after surgery on the cheeks for 5 continuous minutes and then rest for 15 to avoid skin burns. After the third day, place warm water cloths.
  • Do not sunbathe or calm down
  • Strict oral hygiene, taking care when brushing in the area of ​​the surgical wound
  • Perform medicated mouthwash twice a day
  • The stitches will be removed at the control according to the surgeon’s discretion.