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What you should know about Joint Infiltrations

This treatment is used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, chondroprotective or to improve the functionality of the joint.

An Infiltration is the injection of a substance, which is applied by a Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Its application depends on the type of pathology, whether as Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerative or Compensatory inside a tissue or joint..

Joint Infiltrations are used to mitigate or eliminate pain, inflammation or progressive joint deterioration in different areas of the musculoskeletal is a non-invasive and very safe technique if an adequate aseptic technique is performed.

This procedure It is carried out for the therapeutic management of different traumatic pathologies in sequelae or degenerative conditions with a chronic or subacute basis..

What is injected?

Chemical substances are injected or not according to the requirements of each patient. The range is wide, some of them are:


Before performing the infiltrations, the degree of condition or pathology to be treated must be estimated.Depending on the prognosis of the injury, the necessary anatomical and pharmacological approach is performed.

It is a simple technique, so which can be done on an outpatient basis, you only need a syringe and what is going to be infiltrated. Before application, adequate hygiene conditions must be maintained to avoid possible infections.

Once the Infiltration is carried out, it begins to act in the affected area.


It is recommended that the patient rest for a while, this will depend on each case, pathology, age of the patient and therapy that was performed and can vary between 78 hours and eight days. It is worth saying that It does not generate permanent disability and the improvement is immediate from the first application.

To end, It is important to mention that Joint Infiltrations are painless, effective and safe treatments to treat pathologies of Osteomuscular origin.which provide a quick and assertive recovery to all patients regardless of age or what they require for the management and recovery of their pathology.