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Where to eat a good ‘raclette’ in Madrid: 4 reference places

Of the quiche Lorraine to the burrata passing through pretzel… There are many dishes that left the borders of their countries of origin. Known worldwide, they can be tasted in more and more places. In this list, it is obligatory to mention the raclettewhich literally translates “to scratch”. Officially celebrated on December 13, it finds its origin in Switzerland.

What does it consist of? This is a variant of the also known fondue of cheese. It consists of melting the cheese with a small shovel and then scraping it as it melts. It is usually accompanied by roast potatoes and charcuterie and is prepared in a wood-burning oven, although in recent years electrical appliances have appeared that allow the temperature to be controlled more precisely.

Whether you have already tasted this typical delicacy or want to give it a try, Take note of these four references in Madrid. You will not be able to resist this dish, especially suitable during the Christmas season.

Tell’s Fondue

In addition to including the fondue in all its versions (with truffle, herbs and curry, among others), this restaurant, which is described as a “small Swiss corner with Spanish-Swiss direction by Marlene Tellenbach and Mariano Rodríguez” offers raclette in its most traditional version, with authentic cheese raclette Swiss melt, served with boiled potatoes and pickles.

The more? The environment, it is a typical place in the Swiss mountains, all decorated in carved wood, colorful stained glass, Alpine horn, cowbells and the famous cuckoo clock.

Where? Divino Pastor Street, 12

The Franchuteria

This place, both bar and store of 100% artisan products from small producersincludes its own recipe for raclette which includes cheeses raclette and raw milk morbier, salchichón and Iberian chorizo, cured meat from León,
cooked ham and boiled potatoes. It can be ordered from October to April.

Where? Vallehermoso Street, 52

The Swiss Chalet

Located at Km 14 of the N1 towards Madrid and part of the complex of the Helvetica Association of Madrid and Swiss School, the Swiss Chalet has three rooms decorated in the wooden “Alpine chalet” style, which take us directly to the Alpine country.

This Madrid institution proposes the raclette valaisannewith authentic cheese raclette Swiss melt, served with boiled potatoes and pickles.

Where? Highway from Madrid to Burgos, Km.14 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid

L’Amélie Cheeses

The raclette with cured meat, pickles, potatoes and green salad is one of the seasonal dishes on the menu at cheese bar.

It also has a shop where you can buy the most special “refined” cheeses from France, Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland and some particularly attractive corners of Europe. In view of Christmas, it offers exclusive baskets and tastings. “We also offer the possibility of combining your cheese board with various types of salads, homemade salmorejo, Iberian products, smoked products, toasts of different flavors and desserts prepared by the L’Amélie team,” he explains.

Where? Calle Torrecilla del Puerto, 5

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