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‘White blush’: this is the new makeup technique that everyone is talking about

Japanese cosmetics have become an institution in the world of beauty. Some ingredients, such as rice water, are used dIt has been going on for more than a thousand years, and they continue to be part of the most desired formulas by beauty addicts. Likewise, products such as Cure Natural Aqua Gelawarded several times as product of the year and sold every few seconds in Japan, have established themselves as basic products.

It is therefore not surprising that Japanese aesthetics have inspired a new beauty trend, which already has thousands of followers: white blush. His goal is clear: “illuminate and brighten the cheekbones because it will make them look bigger, not fuller,” explains Sephora.

How to get it?

As the brand reminds us, preparation is key. Before trying this light and shadow technique, remember to exfoliate (this step should not be done more than twice a week), cleanse and finally moisturize your skin, depending on its type. Contrary to popular belief, fat is also needed. The key is to opt for oil-free formulas.

Next, apply the white eye shadow in the correct place. Only missing dBlend some powder or a white-based pigment on the upper part of the cheekbones and, just above, work a white eye shadow, extending the blend towards the temples. Remember to blend well, because the result should be angelcoreor what is the same, delicate and angelic.

Sephora recommends its mattifying setting powders, with an ultra-fine, soft and silky texture, which smoothes the skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of pores (€15.99).

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The influencer Megha Singh, who has almost 200 thousand followers on Tik Tok, explains the step by step in images.

The heir of blush draping?

Enhancing the cheekbone area is a recurring makeup technique. Another of the most famous is that of blush draping which “consists of marking the facial angles of our face with color. This reinvention of blush has appeared in order to highlight the most striking features of our face, achieving greater dimension in the applied parts, at the same time as a fresh and youth” according to the Inhouse experts.

How to get it? “Mix the two shades and apply just below the cheekbones to contour and define the cheekbones. Cover the upper part of the cheekbones to graduate the color. Wraps from eye to temple in a shape for added drama. Cover the tip of the chin and sweep along the center of the neck and décolleté to ensure overall balance,” as Marc Jacobs experts explained on Instagram.

A reference to achieve this lighting effect is Cheek Pop Pearl of Clinique“a blush with highlighter for a radiant finish. This blush-highlighter duo provides a very natural touch of color and luminosity. Pearlescent pigments provide light with an adjustable color.

The secret of this technique lies in providing diffused touches of color and achieving a balance of volume between cheekbones, cheeks and nose.

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