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White, brown or yellow: Is the color of your discharge related to STDs?

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Throughout the menstrual cycle the flow changes, but there are many doubts that surround the vaginal dischargethat It is part of every woman and that can sometimes be confusing.

Depending on one phase or another, the flow has a certain color, smell and thicknessand all these variables have a meaning that is defined by experts in gynecology.

Every woman produces vaginal discharge like a natural form to keep the tissue in the area moist and clean, helping to prevent and fight infections.

Furthermore, the doctor has referred to dryness and that this should only occur with menopause. “If you have absolutely no flow you should go for a consultation,” he recommends.

Regarding the flow of pregnancy, It is logical to think that it is the one with the greatest thickness, due to the increase in progesterone and estrogen.

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