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Who is faster Sonic or Flash

Sonic and Flash are two iconic characters known for their superhuman speed. They both have impressive skills, but who is faster? Discover in this article the answer to this much debated question.

Who is faster Sonic or Flash

The Flash is so fast that he can alter the space-time relationship, as evidenced in The Flashpoint Paradox, one of the most notable stories of the character and the DC universe.

Who beats Flash in speed?

The revelation that Superman is not as fast as the Flash, but can keep up with them if given the chance and enough distance, highlights the potential of his incredible abilities. Unlike the Flash, Superman does not need the Speed ​​Force to run at high speed. He uses his own genetics, biology, and body to match the greatest speedsters in the DC Universe. Although he is slower than the Flash, the ability to adapt his speed to that of superhero speedsters shows that Superman’s abilities have no limits. Ultimately, the answer to the question makes a lot of sense.

Who is Sonic’s best enemy?

Dr. Eggman, also known as Doctor Ivo Robotnik, is the main antagonist in Sonic the Hedgehog. Although his plans for world domination always fail, his motivations are not always clear. However, in the trailers for the Sonic Prime series, it can be inferred that there is a universe in which Dr. Eggman has managed to control the world.

In Sonic Frontiers, Dr. Eggman returns with an evil plan to conquer the world, but ends up entangled in a situation where Sonic the Hedgehog will have to intervene to save the day.

What is the maximum speed of Flash?

Based on a panel from the JLA 88 comic, it is estimated that Flash runs approximately 13 times faster than the speed of light. In this story, The Flash, also known as Wally West, faces a nuclear bomb in North Korea with the goal of saving more than half a million people. During his mission, Flash travels more than 70 miles, which is equivalent to 35 round trips. It is estimated that he carries about 15 people per lap, which gives a total of 354,667 laps and a distance traveled of 24,826,690 miles. This feat is achieved in just 0.000001 microseconds, reaching a speed of 1,438,371,405 x 10^22 km/h, which is 34 times higher than the speed of light.

Who is faster than Sonic and Superman?

FANDOM is an online platform that offers content related to games, movies, television shows, and wikis. Users can create their own wikis and explore different fiction topics without limits. In this closed discussion, Original Superman is compared to Super Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog. Some users argue that Super Sonic would win due to his resistance to Original Superman’s attacks and his ability to become stronger over time. Others mention that Original Superman could win if he manages to affect Super Sonic’s negative emotions. However, it is noted that Sonic is immune to mental manipulations and that his speed and physical strength are comparable to Superman’s. It is also mentioned that Sonic is an expert in martial arts and has demonstrated combat skills superior to that of Knuckles. In short, the discussion focuses on the skills and strengths of both characters to determine who would win in a confrontation.

Who is faster to Train or Flash?

As ATrain ages, his powers decrease, affecting his speed and requiring him to take breaks to recover, even when taking Compound V.

Although ATrain is the fastest in his universe, his top speed reaches the speed of sound, while Flash can move at the speed of light.

In a race, The Boys wouldn’t stand a chance against The Flash. Additionally, Flash’s speed allows him to travel through time, something ATrain cannot do.

Although ATrain trains by pulling trailers, he cannot run with such heavy objects behind him. On the other hand, Flash does not have super strength, but he can create blasts and deliver punches at the speed of light, which can be highly destructive.

Flash’s Speed ​​Force punches can also generate electrical charges and collapse into his enemies as needed.

If Flash were standing still, he could be knocked out by a punch from ATrain, but this would only happen if Flash was very distracted, as he would usually dodge the punch due to his skillful reflexes and ATrain wouldn’t even touch him.

Unlike ATrain, Flash’s powers appear to be limitless. Whether it’s Barry Allen or another Flash in the universe, they don’t need to stop to catch up with him.

ATrain probably has more strength and trains more than Flash, but Flash’s speed wouldn’t allow him to land a single hit and he would knock him out with the Speed ​​Force.

Flash would have to worry more about controlling his strength and not hurting ATrain than losing a fight, making him the undisputed winner.

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Who is the most powerful flash or sonic?

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Flash vs Sonic would be one of the most epic races of all time

In the DC universe, there is no doubt that the fastest man alive is the Flash. Since his first appearance in Flash Comics 1 in 1940, this character has had a great impact worldwide. Over time, the superhero has become increasingly popular, and currently he has been played by Ezra Miller in the live-action Justice League film alongside other superheroes.

On the other hand, another very popular character has also emerged with characteristics similar to those of Flash, but in this case, coming from SEGA and appreciated in the world of video games: Sonic. Considering that both characters already have live-action film adaptations, many fans have wondered what a crossover between Sonic The Hedgehog and Flash would be like. Artist Jessica Pérez, from ArtStation, has imagined this fusion and has created a fascinating illustration in which the two characters appear competing in a race.

Jessica has taken images of each character from the films and merged them into a single poster, giving the impression that they are competing in a race. It’s cool to see the lightning coming out of Flash and Sonic’s body as they run. It would certainly be an epic moment if this happened. You can see more of Jessica Pérez’s illustrations on her ArtStation page.

Join the conversation and share your opinion on this exciting idea of ​​a race between Flash and Sonic.

Who is stronger Sonic or Goku?

Fiction Without Limits Wiki
Fiction Without Limits Wiki
Fiction Without Limits Wiki
in Versus
goku vs sonic, a difficult duel for me
Ok, first context, I’m going to be my first duel in this, how to say it, and I’m doing it because I had a discussion with several people on YouTube because of this video.

He who reads English will know what it’s about and he who doesn’t, then he uses the translator, but supposedly this man says that Sonic loses against Goku if they do a progressive combat because of the years that I mean by this good thing that they put two characters from their beginnings to their point. maximum or current

So I decided on a duel between sonic vs goku

Son Goku
Son Goku

Sonic the Hedgehog Character
Sonic the Hedgehog Character
Ok what are the rules are these

1we will count all the sonics and gokus that exist except the xeno because that doesn’t count the god fusion which doesn’t count either

2they both don’t know what the other is doing and they have to find out

3When they lose or are injured or outmatched the next character will appear unless their skills are so good that you can keep them at bay

4 they will be able to use their powers and abilities and even sonic with super form

5 equal speed but it will vary constantly, I mean that if Sonic is faster, Goku will have to be just as fast unless Sonic becomes very powerful, very good, if you want, watch the video.

Now the duel began

Sonic the Hedgehog Character
Son Goku
Oscarpinees55’s avatar

Stomp It would have been better to use Goku as Hero and Sonic as Mania and in 2A

TotokuYT avatar

Sonic coincidentally surpasses any canon version of Goku, the Heroes version gives him some fight but he is still easily defeated.

Lunaitor1’s avatar

Sonic stomps

It would take Goku from Dragon Ball AF to beat Sonic

How about


It cannot be determined who is more powerful between Flash and Sonic, since they belong to different universes and have different abilities. Flash is known for his superhuman speed, while Sonic is famous for his speed and acrobatic abilities. Both characters have loyal fans and have starred in numerous successful stories. In terms of speed, Flash is considered one of the fastest characters in the comic book universe, while Sonic is known for his supersonic speed. The Flash’s top speed varies depending on the version of the character, but it has been recorded that he can reach speeds up to the speed of light. In terms of strength, Goku is considered one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe, while Sonic is not known for his physical strength. In terms of enemies, Sonic has several iconic villains, such as Dr. Robotnik (aka Dr. Eggman), Metal Sonic, and Shadow the Hedgehog. However, it cannot be determined who is Sonic’s best enemy, as this is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic’s greatest allies and enemies

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