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Who is Judeline? The ‘motomami’ that conquers Rosalía, from Cádiz to touch the clouds in Times Square

2023 is the year of motomommiesof the postfolkloric and that feminine picaresque that so stealthily hides between sweet voices that captivate us. Yes a few days ago Rosalía put an end to a devastating tour who completed the last stop in Paris, now another artist is in charge of pick up the baton from his boots of vegan leather and fill the stage with the smell of gasoline. He takes over Judelinebut its goal goes much further than that. She is here to stay.

Amaia, Mala Rodríguez and Lola Indigo they commented in their latest video clip. The creator of sponge cake He included it in his regular playlist. C. Tangana He is aware of his last steps. And now she has come to exalt herself even in the New York skyscrapersbut… Where does this young musical promise come from?

Cadiz to the core, and melancholic like the sigh of a summer evening. judeline narose in 2003, in Los Pipes of Mecca (Barbate)but he did it under the name of Lara Fernandez. Since she was little, she flirted with music and was nourished by all those experiences that today mark the essence of her songs.

One could say the typical thing about her that “she didn’t imagine what she would end up becoming”, but it wouldn’t be true. The Andalusian thing has not been a path, rather the eruption of a volcano that had been giving warnings for a long time.

She is young, she is creative and she has a voice capable of enchanting both the younger generations and those who witnessed the emergence of the ‘Jeanette phenomenon’ live.

The singer-songwriter thing started with a name. Its origin from it? A play on words. In English. judein honor of the Beatles’ title, because his father was a great admirer of the Liverpool quartet. linebecause there, on the front line, is where he knew he would end up placing himself within the music industry.

In July on the Billboard in Times Square, on September 22 at the #SpotifyEQUALFest.@judeline__ our ambassador #SpotifyEQUAL of July, breaking it day in and day out.

Listen to more women, no matter the month.

— Spotify Spain (@SpotifySpain) July 19, 2023

2019 It was the year in which he published his first singles. After a while, Alizzzone of the headhunter most relevant to the current scene, echoed his musical proposal and wanted him to be part of Disqualified, an EP designed by the producer from the mission of promoting emerging talent in Spain. She was 17 years old, she really wanted to take on the world and a sound so unique that it is difficult to label it.

Judeline’s songs fuse the best of rhythm and blues, the romanticism of pop and the dynamism of electronic music. All of this, yes, from a feminine gaze that she has captured in her discography.

Among his most listened to songs are Tangier and Zaharatwo towns very close to his birthplace that give names to these ballads that served as a definitive springboard to fame. Now, the young woman enjoys the impact of Canijoa song in which he puts his ‘broken heart’ at the service of music and has already accumulated almost 350 thousand views on YouTube.

With a future full of successes waiting and festivals to revolutionize like the Creek Mijas —after having devastated so much in Saint Isidro as in the BBK—, Judeline can already say that a new phenomenon is also making its way with her. One that values ​​the talent of the younger generations and remember the importance of defending the roots. Although one ends up putting a face to the tallest skyscrapers in Times Square.

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