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Who was the queen of England whose entry was banned at her husband’s coronation?

The absences in the coronation of the King Charles III of England They are giving a lot of talk. Especially that of Meghan Marklewho has decided to stay in California with her children Archie and Lilibet Diana to celebrate her first-born’s birthday.

The Duchess Promised

Carolina of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel She was born on May 17, 1768 in Germany with the title of Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. She was the third of seven children of Duke Charles II William of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Princess Augusta of Great Britain, sister of King George III of the United Kingdom.

There is hardly any information about his childhood. According to Hello, the duchess always showed a love for her mother’s native country and even had an affair with a British officer. However, at that time her parents began to plan Carolina’s marriage to Jorge, the Prince of Wales, to whom she was related. In 1794 her engagement to her cousin was announced.

He was one of the 16 children of King George III and Queen Charlotte. According to, It is said that every time Jorge conquered a woman, he cut a lock of her hair and placed it in an envelope with the lady’s name as a trophy and that, when he died, there were 7,000 envelopes. Your behavior player and womanizer It irritated his father.

The prince had a turbulent past, according to the magazine Helloin addition to having had a torrid romance with the actress and poet Mary Robinson (1757-1837), he secretly married Maria Fitzherbert (1756-1837), although the marriage was invalid as it was not authorized by the king.

In addition, his wasteful lifestyle led him to have debts of more than 60,000 pounds at the time. To clear the accounts he had to get married and the chosen one was Carolina of Brunswick.

A separated marriage

On April 8, 1795, the marriage bond at St. James’s Palace, without them knowing each other before and the first impression was terrible. Several texts say that the prince asked for a glass of brandy to cope with the situation, she seemed unattractive and dirty to him, and she also complained.

Their marriage was a disasterIn fact, the prince’s correspondence reveals that they only had three intimate encounters and from one of them Carlota Augusta, Jorge’s only legitimate daughter, was born. After the birth of her daughter on January 7, 1796, the Princes of Wales never lived together again and official appearances kept them separated. He, almost immediately, threw himself into the arms of the Countess of Jersey (1753-1821).

The situation was unsustainable. The prince even raised the divorce, but his father denied it. On April 30, he sent a letter to his wife in which he told her that although they were still married, they would lead separate lives and thus she suffered the humiliation of being disowned by her husband.

Carolina moved to Blackheath, to ‘The Pagoda’, and there she led an intense social life. They began, according to the magazine Hello, then rumors of all kinds spread and that news reached the palace. Some sources indicate that he had adulterous relations with the politician Jorge Canning and Admiral Sidney Smith. This frequently prevented her from seeing his daughter.

In 1806 his reputation was especially damaged, as an investigation was created to study whether it was true that he had had an alleged illegitimate son: William Austin. According to It was a rumor spread by Lady Douglas. It was concluded that there was no evidence, but the damage had been done and British society ignored the princess, the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by her husband, who sought to annul the marriage by any means.

In 1814 the pressure became so unbearable that Carolina of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel He left the United Kingdom and settled in Italy, on the shores of Lake Como. There he hired the services of Bartolomeo Pergami, a local butler with whom he would become inseparable. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, there was talk of the alleged romance between the heiress and this alleged Italian lover.

The prince wanted to take advantage of the situation and ordered evidence of adultery to be found. The investigation concluded that the princess and her butler were married. For this reason, the heir offered his wife to recognize the adultery and facilitate the divorce. But the princess refused to accept it.

At that time, Carlota, the couple’s only daughter, died giving birth to her only son, who was stillborn.

Banned from the coronation

In the midst of discussions about divorce, King George III died and The princes of Wales become sovereigns of the United Kingdom. Queen Carolina is preparing to return to London from her exile, despite the Government offering her a pension to remain in Italy. The Government tried to introduce the Law of Sorrows and Sorrows to strip her of the title of queen and dissolve her union with the monarch. But the law was not approved.

In these years, the people loved her. She was considered a king’s victim and that is why they took to the streets to defend it. The king, however, continued to insist Parliament look for evidence of his infidelity and spread false rumors about his wife.

He arrived on July 19, 1821, the date of the coronation, which would be held at Westminster Abbey. That day occurred the greatest humiliation suffered by Queen Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. She was denied entry to her husband’s inauguration.

That same night she fell ill and nineteen days later died at 53 years old in Brandenburg Hoys (Hammersmith, London). Some sources indicate that her medical reports disappeared, others that Carolina herself, knowing that she was dying, asked that an autopsy not be performed. Despite her position as queen, she was buried in Brunswick and not Westminster, following her wishes. On her tombstone today you can read: “Caroline, the aggrieved Queen of England”.

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