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Why has the “Bold Glamor” filter set the networks on fire?

The debate about the use of filters has always been present. However, their evolution brings a new dilemma into play: now you can’t even perceive them.

Lately we have been able to see how filters have been democratized. There are all types: ones that age you, that change the color of your hair, that add accessories… However, among all of them there is one in particular that has caused a huge stir.

The arrival of “Bold Glamour” has set social media on fire. And is not for less. This filter Tik Tok made with a advanced artificial intelligence It is so realistic that there is no way to find out whether or not it is the person’s true face.

Not by moving your hand over your face, not hiding half of it with your hair, not making faces. Nothing makes the filter moveas happens in other versions.

How does “Bold Glamour” change your face?

Darkens and shapes your eyebrows, lightens and brightens your eyes, gives you lush eyelashes, eliminates acne and wrinkles giving you perfect skin, increases your lips and outlines your features. as if it were cosmetic surgery.

Network users warn of the danger that this filter poses for adolescent girls. They express the fear of being tested and feeling like they have to achieve that impossible standard of beauty.

@kellystrackofficial This filter is really something else 😂 should I try and do a tutorial recreating this filter with makeup? #fyp #makeup #beauty #beautyfilter #boldglamour #AXERatioChallenge ♬ original sound – Kelly Strack

They denounce that the use of this type of filters should be illegalas they contribute to the decline in mental health as a result of the use of social networks and express the need to change their direction.

Millions of people have recorded themselves testing the filter and showing the difference with their natural face to show that it does not beautify, but rather warp your features. Surprised reactions flood all the “for you” pages of the app.

And the first consequences appear: he trend makeup that recreates this filter is already a trend on Tik Tok. Renowned profiles try to imitate the metamorphosis that “Bold Glamor” provides with cosmetics and teach step by step how to do it.

Almost the 30% of Tik Tok’s audience is under 18 years old, according to a report by marketing group Rebold. Consumers of the app express their concern about the effects that this type of filters can have on the mental health of minors.

The psychological consequences of social networks in adolescents have been the subject of study since their inception. Numerous reports reveal that the warped reality and unattainable standards of beauty that these applications reflect They can lead to depressive symptoms, eating disorders or anxiety.

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