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Why is soy milk one of the best drinks for women?

For the lactose intolerant or vegan, There are more and more alternatives to replace traditional cow’s milk. One of the best options is soy, especially for women. The typical East Asian plant is a rich source of minerals and proteins.


From the legume family, its seeds are used for a multitude of tasty recipes. But… Why is it beneficial for women? The secret is in one of its components: isoflavone.

First of all, and as always, The key to incorporating foods into your diet is to ask your nutritionist or an expert about the options that best suit your specific conditions. Furthermore, as with all foods, we must know how much is recommended.

The isoflavone It is a biochemical substance with a structure very similar to that of estrogen and when ingested from soy it has better absorption. Its benefits have been the focus of debate in the nutrition sector. It has even been argued that this compound increased the possibility of suffering from breast cancer.

However, recent studies such as the one conducted by Mark Messina and published in the academic journal Complementary Medical Researchshow that the food does not havene any type of influence on the development of this type of diseases.

Furthermore, in the nutritional recommendations of the American Cancer Society for cancer survivors, confirms that soy consumption is related to a lower risk of mortality and that, after being diagnosed, taking isoflavones reduces the risk of relapse.

Soy and menopause

We know the dreaded symptoms of menopause, including the constant hot flashes that become a constant in our daily lives. Almost all women are familiar with the manifestations of menopause, except Asians.

Or at least, to a lesser extent. It was observed that women from China and Japan (those whose diet is largely soy-based) had a lower incidence of hot flashes during these hormonal changes.

To confirm this, a study analyzed that Asian women who had moved to the United States but maintained their traditional diets (full of soy) presented fewer symptoms. Furthermore, research published in the American academic journal Menopause supports the beneficial effect of soy in reducing hot flashes.

Different flavors

You may not be a big fan of the intense flavor of ‘soy milk’ (an expression that is used incorrectly, since milk is a product of animal origin and is completely plant-based). Therefore, brands offer different flavors that you will want to include in your breakfast.

Among the best sellers is the chocolate-flavored soy drink, in the style of the traditional smoothie. However, lately other flavors have also become popular, such as vanilla or cappuccinoperfect for turning a healthy ingredient into a gastronomic experience.

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