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Will Japanese Facial Massage or Japanese Facial Lifting be the most requested treatment in 2023?

This facial treatment is known as the Ancient Way of Beauty Massage. It is born from ANMA, an ancient Japanese massage therapy system, a word that results from combining (AN) Pressure and (MA) Friction.

This facial massage was born in 1472 in Japan when in a massage skills competition (very common at that time) two great masters decided to develop this beautiful art. Legend says that for centuries it was a technique used by wise men to heal their minds after battles and one of the favorite therapies of Japanese women to show off a beautiful and youthful face.

This massage is the result of a combination of deep massage -which works the muscles- and superior movements in neurosensory points and energy meridians. These techniques stimulate the facial nerves, reaching the skin cells. It is performed lightly through rapid sequential movements, percussion, lysing and drainage. The nervous system, blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated and nerves are relaxed.

Although we tend to confuse it with the wonderful Kobido, the truth is that it has some movements that translate into multiple benefits…

  • Reduces sagging skin and corrects small wrinkles: As facial muscles lose elasticity, they are more sensitive to the effects of gravity. In the same way that exercise tones and firms our body, Japanese facial massage tones and strengthens facial muscles in a way that prevents sagging and wrinkles.

  • Regulates skin hydration– Increases the skin’s ability to retain hydration by creating a barrier against evaporation. Stimulating the production of collagenesis (endogenous collagen).

  • Release of toxins and impurities: By increasing the flow of skin circulation, we eliminate dead cells and increase the luminosity of the skin, giving it a healthy and youthful appearance. We also increase the supply of nutrients more efficiently, slowing down aging.

  • Relax muscle tension: Muscle tensions and contractures are released, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, which can repair and rejuvenate themselves.

  • Eliminates migraines and maxillary pain syndrome (TMJ): Its relaxing and decontracting action is capable of improving headaches and TMJ syndrome caused by tension.

I am always very demanding when we work with the hands, I personally test each new therapist and each treatment that we incorporate into the facial and body menu and we are always in constant training.

No machine can surpass manual work well done and that is why manual protocols are once again positioned among the most common complaints of our clientele which does not rule out the benefits of the most innovative and effective devices, but which begins to demand the combination of both techniques, something that must be done with a prior diagnosis with a skin care expert.

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