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Winter wedding guests: the most beautiful dresses of 2022

Spring and summer are the seasons of celebration par excellence, times in which communions, baptisms and, of course, weddings, flood the days with happiness. However, There are those who prefer to choose another time for their special day. for personal, family or weather reasons.

Winter weddings can be celebrations full of charm and romance, but for many they are celebrations for which it is more difficult to choose an appropriate outfit.

How to be elegant without being cold? Can I wear a sleeveless dress in the middle of December? These are some of the doubts that plague winter wedding guests, who do not know what style to choose to dress according to the event, taking into account the storms typical of these dates.

Furthermore, another problem that arises in this type of celebration is the fact of repeating an outfit, that is, wearing the same item of clothing as another guest. It is something that usually happens when the looks are from a franchise such as Zara or Mango.

For this reason, and to save you from trouble, we present some options with which you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the attendees and wear a style with personality, in addition to being in keeping with winter.

The most beautiful dresses for winter wedding guests this 2022

Coosy Purple Rosetta Dress

This dress is made of purple satin fabric and features a strapless neckline and puffed sleeves. In addition, it has a cut at the waist, a midi length with a back opening and an invisible zipper closure.

It is an elegant option in a striking color that will combine perfectly with gold accessories and a sophisticated updo. It is available on the Coosy website for 155 euros.

Coosy Purple Rosetta Dress

Courtesy of Coosy

Odemira Baymo Set

This total look It consists of a high-neck blouse and a midi skirt made of chiffon. It consists of a subtle print with small stars in bougainvillea tones, which are on trend, and specks in bronze.

The top consists of a front teardrop on its neckline and a low cut on the chest. The skirt, for its part, has gathers along the waist. As it is two pieces, it is the perfect option if you also want to use it in your daily life. You can combine the blouse with jeans or the skirt with a white top for regular wear. You will find it on the Baymo website for 249 euros.

Lady Pipa Green Electra Dress

This long straight dress with an open back will be perfect for an evening wedding. In addition, it is a very versatile garment, so you can combine it with countless accessories to make it unique. It is available at Lady Pipa for 189.95 euros.

Lady Pipa Green Electra Dress

Zoe Cardié Print Dress

It is an elegant dress made of high quality chiffon with an effect I devoured (moles with transparency). It has a closed neckline, but with an opening in the back and a midi cut with light draping that adds a touch of comfort to the garment. In addition, it is fully lined and closed with an invisible zipper in the back. You will find it at Cardié for 139.90 euros.

Vega Cardié Dress

Also from Cardié and for the same price as the previous one, we recommend her dress Vega. A garment that stands out for its striking print and its knotted neckline, something that also gives it sensuality and elegance. If you don’t want to be too tight, this is your ideal option, since its flared skirt with gathers and a midi cut give air and comfort to the garment.

Vega Cardié Dress

Courtesy of Cardié

Gretta Laagam dress

This midi dress with an open back and wide sleeves will be your perfect ally if you want to add a touch of color to the celebration. It has an original electric blue print that will make you stand out and the fact that it is long sleeved makes it perfect for the time of year we are in. In addition, it is a very economical option, it is available in Laagam for 90 euros.

Gretta Laagam dress

Courtesy of Laagam

Ava Pink Vogana Set

This midi dress with a geometric print and sophisticated cut will be your perfect ally for your look as a guest this winter. Its particular geometric print and sophisticated cut stand out. It is a midi-length satin party dress made of satin crepe.

In addition, it also has a cut at the waist and a scoop neckline with bow detail. You will find it in Vogana for 260 euros.

Ava Pink Dress by Vogana

Courtesy of Vogana

Andromeda Blue Dress Lady Pipa

It is an electric blue midi lingerie dress. It consists of a transparent cape with puffed sleeves, something that is very trendy this season. It is available at Lady Pipa for 189.95 euros.

Andromeda Lady Pipa Dress

Courtesy of Lady Pipa

Some alternatives to the dress

If you are not a fan of dresses and prefer to wear a suit or a well-dressed outfit, we present some alternatives with which to dazzle.

Isabel Suit by Rocío Osorno

It is a printed suit made of crepe fabric. It consists of a lined jacket with two central buttons and pants with side pockets and a back zipper. In addition, it includes a matching belt with a buckle covered in the same fabric. Its price is 240 euros.

Isabel Rocio Osorno Suit

Courtesy of Rocio Osorno

Luján Mustard Panambi Set

This outfit, made up of a long kimono and fluid mustard-colored pants, is an elegant option that you can’t go wrong with. It is made of silk velvet, a very trendy fabric, and costs 275 euros. You can combine it with a black or white blouse depending on your tastes.

Lujan Mustard Panambi Set

Courtesy of Panambi

Gina La Croixe Set

It is a style consisting of a fluid blouse with 3/4 sleeves, a ruffle detail and a back with an opening that ends in a bow, and straight pants made of high-quality crepe. It is available in blue and pink, and the total price of the set is 329 euros.

Gina La Croixe Set

Courtesy of La Croixe

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