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Women-only gyms, to exercise, enjoy and stop “being on guard”

We live in a situation in which more and more women go to commercial gyms and for carrying out certain actions (which should not be judged) they end up being the center of attention in the room and They choose to unsubscribe.

We are talking about situations in which a woman approaches the muscle training zone, surrounded by men lifting weights and, when she decides to approach her to do the same, she gets stares from men judging her from behind.

It seems unbelievable that in the 21st century, a girl cannot approach those common spaces in commercial gyms. Areas not yet accepted as ‘suitable’ for all clients equally.

Those who come from “commercial” gyms appreciate all the facilities that are provided.
they find, the method, the environment, the one everything is thought for them and where they can relax and “let their guard down in a magical climate,” adds the founder.

The gym offers sessions in which women can invite anyone and men are also included. “In our “Boys Are Welcome” sessions they tell us that we should have something similar for men,” explains Garaizar Arbeo.

The concept of specialization is very attractive But if there are still no men, it is because they have not felt the need or the discomfort of creating a gym only for a certain gender to the same extent as women experience it.

“We believe that it is a plus, it is not that we segregate by gender but that we
“We have specialized in creating a specific method for women,” adds Garaizar.

B3B was born because there was no high-intensity proposal directed and designed for women from start to finish. Many of these activities were more conceived for men and when thinking about exclusive proposals for women they always tended towards activities “a little lighter“adds the CEO.

Without a doubt, B3B and other women-only gyms seek to raise awareness of the importance of exercises ‘for everyone’ and that no training is gender-based.

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