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Women’secret and Gastón and Daniela once again sign the most desirable collaboration of the moment

Tendam’s lingerie brand, Women’secret, never ceases to surprise us with its collaborations. From The Blonde Neighbor to Snoopy to Harry Potter… they have all awakened our “fan” side at some point. One of the ones that generates the most expectation every year is the one signed with Gastón and Daniela.

The t-shirts avoid extreme simplicity with their velvet plackets, center buttoning and V-necklines finished with lace. All of them with a print of this collaboration inside.

But not only aesthetics prevail, comfort is also one of the keys to this line. As the firm reminds us, “the patterns chosen for the pants are the lounge with knit waistband smock and the skinny with cuffs, all of them with velvet bows”.

Detail of Women’secret’s collaboration with Gastón and Daniela

The collection could not be complete without lingerie sets, the emblematic designs of Women’secret. On this occasion, two corsetry sets stand out, in which the collection’s print is also the protagonist, with bras with triangular patterns and lace finishes along with Brazilian panties.

They couldn’t be left behind either. the robes, the most iconic loungewear item, which oscillates between sensuality and romanticism, thanks to fabrics such as satin or velvet. This new collaboration, which includes designs between 5 and 30 euros, aims to make the leap to the streets.

It is now on sale, both on the website and in the brand’s physical stores.

Some essentials

Don’t miss these long straight pants with a wide smock-knit elastic waistband and terti drawstring.opel (11.99 euros).

The collection also includes a fragrance, the Mist ‘Bamboo’ for body, bed and clothes, based on aromatherapy. It is a fragrance with relaxing properties where floral notes of lavender, sage, muguet and violet with a fresh touch of melon, cucumber and apple at the top, and woody notes at the base (7.99 euros).

This natural triangle bra, in a beautiful pink color, with floral lace detail and microfiber details, also makes us fall in love with its comfort. It has no underwires or padding (11.99 euros).

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