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Yellow, orange and red: why you should consider these three colors this spring

The power of warm colors It has always been very clear. They attract attention and transmit strength and energyalthough each one has a different characteristic. The Red harbors courage, love, passion, growth and initiative; the Orange transmits creativity, enthusiasm and success and the yellow It spreads joy, originality and intelligence.

Clothing is a way of send a message to the world without needing to say anything. It is an alternative to express yourself, show an important part of your personality and provoke acceptance or rejection. And what better way to do it than using colors that transmit happiness?

He sunset trend has been seen in the parades of the spring-summer 2023 collection and has left everyone speechless with the beautiful color palette that transports you to a summer sunset.

This trend is reminiscent of the fuchsia and orange mix who earned the I like of thousands of users last summer. These colors captured anyone’s attention, not only because of the unexpected combination, but because of the vividness it gave to the wearer.

This spring, the colors chosen are red, orange and yellow. To corroborate this, we only had to look at the fashion shows of the spring 2023 collections. Ferragamo, Courrèges and Marni There have been some who have incorporated the sunset shade to their jobs.

‘Sunset shade’ at Ferragamo

Ferragamo and Gtres

Ferragamo has included several pieces in its collection that nod to the beautiful palette that the sunset leaves us with. A dress with transparencies that ends in a silky train was the culmination of their spring show at Milan Fashion Week.

Apart from the effect see-throughthe garment is characterized by a gradient that goes through the three colors of the season, and is crowned with two asymmetrical sleevesone that leaves the shoulder exposed and the other that covers it thanks to the help of a magnificent golden brooch.

Ferragamo achieves the same effect in a very colorful top from the same collection. Finally, he offers us a hooded dress that manages to blend orange and white, resulting in the mixture of two of the season’s star colors.

‘Sunset shade’ by Courrèges


Courrèges has also dared to show off the colors sunset in your collection. And not only in the clothes. The French firm has designed some reflective glasses through which it seems that a sunset has passed: in them we find various shades of red, orange and yellow.

Another accessory that matched the spring colors was one of the bags, which mixes its tricolor handle with a more reddish base.

To match, a great dress that goes through all the phases of the sunsetfrom the orange light of the sun when it begins to set, to the purple night that it gives us when it leaves, which combines perfectly with vermilion red shoes.

‘Sunset shade’ in Marni


Marni has also joined the trend, offering us some of the most colorful outfits. From tops to skirts, including dresses, red, orange and yellow have been, without a doubt, the perfect allies of this show.

The garments combined an elastic and tight texture with a certain fluidity in the sleeves or the train of the skirts. In addition, the motifs were also reminiscent of the sun. The colors were grouped into a circle forming a radial whose center was the warmest color (red) and his extreme the clearest (yellow).

Although he sunset style have taken leadership This season, it is not the first time we have seen something similar on the catwalks. Prabal Gurung, Antonio Berardi or Elie Saab They had already been pioneers of this style. These SS23 collections will not be the first nor the last to incorporate the sunset style in their designs, since the palette conquers both the catwalk and its audience.

And who has not left indifferent this style has been the influencers. some like María Pombo or Anne Lauramais They have been conquered by the color combination and have not hesitated to publish it on their networks.

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