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You are in a relationship in which “neither eat nor let eat”: they are paperclipping you

Social networks and the increasingly numerous dating applications have completely changed the way we relate, increased some toxic behaviors. Increasingly common practices in this type of modern relationships and new technologies.

This is the case of behaviors known as orbitinghe caspering or in this case, the paperclipping. Still don’t know what this new term is about? We tell you what this term refers to.

What is the paperclipping?

To understand this term in more depth and the keys to this increasingly common behavior in current relationships, we can simply start from its name and specifically from clippya paperclip-like Word assistant that Microsoft removed in 2007 and that was characterized by appearing every so often on the screen as a reminder so that no one would forget its existence.

A small simile of what the paperclipping implies in a relationship. A final name that illustrator Samantha Rothenberg would give it some time later, to classify this habit as not at all healthy in any type of relationship.

But in case you still have doubts about what this behavior is based on, we inform you that this next publication will be able to bring you a little closer to what the paperclipping: “Sometimes I appear for no apparent reason, like now. I’m not trustworthy and I’m not particularly interested in you.but I don’t want you to forget that I exist”, that is what you can read in this clip.

An explanation more than comparable to when someone has you in the bedroom as plan B and when it seems that the relationship between you has cooled, get back in touch with you appearing almost out of nowhere. A reappearance with which the person makes sure that you continue to be an option and that the flame does not go out, but that has nothing to do with wanting to see you or the relationship moving forward.

Toxic behavior in any relationshipwhich is largely reminiscent of the dreaded ‘benching’, more related to leaving someone on the ‘bench’ with whom from time to time you decide to open a conversation so that you never stop being option B when option A fails.

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